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postheadericon Warning: Yet another WoW fraud/phishing site

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I know there are many WoW scam sites on all internets, and there is no way to stop them all.  But we managed to stop one and informed you about another one, and here is newest phishing site from China: <– do not visit or leave your WoW account data there!

Their method of deployment is via Google adsense, so please be careful. If you are site owner and run Google ads please visit our info page how to block wow gold ads.

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Digg this please : !

We have reported (and shutdown) one WoW scam site back in April, but we’ve found a new one.  Watch out for /w like shown above, and don’t go to the link provided. What should you do;

  1. Take screenshot! (Print Screen)
  2. Reply to the sender with short statements like; Reported / Scam / Fraud etc.  This will (maybe) force them to log off and not /w another player
  3. Right click on sender’s name and select “Report spam”
  4. Open ticket to GM and provide him with player’s name and url he was advertising
  5. Use social sites and forums to inform other players

As said before, whatever you do, do not visit URL provided by scammer!

If you are interested how scam works (and how to protect yourself),  continue reading. We have done test (from safe virtual computer, in controlled environment with no possibility of harm to our Battlenet account and / or computer.

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postheadericon We made one WoW scam site go away

Update April 6th: Letter from Blizzard

Phew. One World of Warcraft scam site less on the Internet. I know, it doesn’t sound like big deal, but if we saved one poor WoW player from humiliation of being hacked, and process of proving his true identity and account ownership to Blizzard; it was worth it.

Few moments ago, mail from Copyright guys at DOT.TK service arrived (which is lol, cause we’ve sent mails both to Abuse and Copyright dpt. but I guess Internet abuse costs less money on court than copyright infringement), in which they informed us that is no more. Well it is still there, cause they (I’m guessing it was them) have replaced original scam site with some promo and commercial materials.  Which is nice for them, cause scammer made all the work inviting people to that page :D

Anyway, scam site is down, scammer is probably plotting new scam, Blizz is occupied with PTR, and you guys have fun and play safe!

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postheadericon WARNING! WoW fraud / phishing

(Please for your safety don’t click /or use/  any of the links below, even though “active linking”  have been removed from this article) update: site removed thnx to WFG :)

I would like to warn you guys that I’ve just received possible fraud email, that tried to phish me into fake Blizzard site, and steal my account info (user / password).

Site in question is SO PLEASE DON’T ENTER YOUR ACCOUNT DATA THERE!!!! Screenshots:


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(this digg link is safe to clik I swear ^^)

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postheadericon List of WoW gold sellers expanded to 300

This is NOT Sparta..

no wow gold ad With this month’s latest update, list of known World of Warcraft gold selling advertisers is updated to 300. As webmaster you can use this list to block their ads on your webpage. Instructions how to do it, and list itself:

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