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postheadericon Spotlight: Kirina’s closet

As part of my usual routine, I was browsing Interwebs for WoW fashion themed blogs, and found real jewel; Kirina’s Closet (Ideas for World of Warcraft RP Outfits).  As stated in title, its really fine resource for all the RP-ers (and non RP-ers as well), but moreover; Kirina is running her blog for more over 1 year now. We’ve contacted her and she agreed to give interview and some WoW Fashion Guru  exclusive outfit ideas.

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postheadericon Spotlight: Ignisa of Moonglade (EU/RP)

Ah it’s good to be back :) . Before we introduce some really nice outfits that Ignisa has put together, quick recap of what’s going on ingame;

  • Noblegarden is behind us and Children’s week is upon us (May 1.-8.)
  • More and more info about Cataclysm is emerging almost every day (check out News and compiled Guide on Wowhead)
  • I’m leveling Hunter, Rogue and a DK :)

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postheadericon Fashionist: When things go from bad to Nagrand

You all know that here at WoW Fashion Guru we try to stay positive all the time.  However there are times when you have to do what has to be done, no matter what. I received mail from 3 fans and in it, their fashion attempt was attached.  To put it mildly – all I could do with it is to use it as good example how things should not be done. If there was Fashion Police ingame, you guys would be arrested, trialled and locked for long time :) . Lucky for you there is no such thing as Azeroth Fashion Police.

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postheadericon Occasion: Winter Veil with style

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Actual screenshot from live EU realm

You’ve seen (once again) all the hype about Winter Veil all over Azeroth.  Before we continue with something special I’ve prepared for you, here is great event guide prepared from hardworking folks at Feast of Winter Veil (Dec 15 – Jan 2).

As you might notice, I’m big fan of item sets that aren’t actually sets (no set bonuses), but are obviously made as sets. So for past few days I was looking for something festive, yet not so obviously crafted (cloned) as Winter Garb.

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postheadericon Spotlight: Angaurwen

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Today I received really nice email from friend of Blue : Angaurwen :) After reading it, what surprised me the most were screenshots which, as you will see, provide variety of styles. Angaurwen took it to the next level, and her attention to details  is stunning. So without any further delay, I present you Angaurwen:

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postheadericon Spotlight: Aurinna

Screenshots and quoted text submitted by Aurinna (Demon Soul (US)) <Death by Chocolate>, thank you!


I know, I know.. Wasn’t been active in past few weeks as you guys are used to, but those days are over :) WoW Fashion Guru is back. Work took most of my time, but those days are behind me, so I can once again focus on site. And while I was thinking what to choose for my “come back” post, my GMail had surprise for me.
Her name is Aurinna, and she left no other data like realm name (US / EU) or level, but she did attach some cool screenshots and list of items used. Check out rest of the this weeks article; Spotlight: Aurinna.
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postheadericon Occasion: Valentine day (Fool in love)


Love is in the air.. <3 u all :)

And right after Lunar Festival is over, we are starting another fun ingame (and IRL) event: Valentine day! Your WoW Fashion Guru has made some nice suggestions for you to wear in any Capital city you usually hang in. We have it all covered; expensive dress, tough to get, easy to get, cheap (but with style), and all you have to do is actually wear it with “that loving feeling”.

If you find something else you think fits the purpose, yet you haven’t read about it here, go for it. Just make sure that is either red or black, cause that are in colors for the occasion.  And we didn’t put much effort for boys, cause your Black Tuxedo will do.

Online guides for the event:

Keep reading …

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postheadericon Comment: Rihanna vs Winehouse

rihanna vs amy winehouse

This week we will present two most popular pop-icons, translate them into World of Wracraft, and let you decide which one of them matches best; your personality, style and message you are trying to send while online. It is Rihanna vs Amy Winehouse! Are you sexy goodie-goodie or rebel girl with attitude? It all doesn’t matter to us, because we can set you up to be either one of them. Well, just virtually. And kinda just look-alike. But just kinda…

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postheadericon Occasion: Guild meeting

White is hot this spring

01/2009 Updated with ingame screenshots gallery. Pantsuit only.

White color has been blessed by all major designers for season spring / summer 2008, and your WoW Fashion guru has it all worked out for your all important; Guild meetings.  You can go to AH, or ask some tailor to craft you some stylish dress for the occasion, but you all end up looking like clones, and that is not what we want. In order to establish your personal style, message of the season is: go white!

Don’t you just hate when guild mates gather up for this unique non-combat social event in some quite place, dressed up like they just came from some Arena bloodbath? C’mon, we all know battle gear has to be worn, but there is time and place for it, and guild meeting is not one of them. Looks like everyone forgets it is a social event, for crying out loud, even soldiers have special uniforms for such occasions (yup, according to this season trends, white naval robe is absolute hottie atm).

Read this weeks “Occasion” column and find out how to be hot in a Guild meeting.

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