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postheadericon Spotlight: Tier 7.5 Undead Rogue

Raiding Tier-X sets used to be tailored by Blizz in such way; they become (a) instantly recognizable, (b) epically good looking and (c) provide best stats ingame. That practice has been followed (with some minor deviations) throughout the original game, BC and now WotLK. As proof, I present you live T7.5 set worn by most deadly, most hated, most OP, most skilless mindless, yet most fun to play class; the Rogue.

rogue t7-5

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postheadericon Comment: To Honor One’s Elders

We have reached yeat another point in the game where you can do World event; Lunar Festival, and accomplish To Honor One’s Elders acheivement (part of What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been).


It is also oportunity to pick up some nice outfits as well..

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postheadericon Comment: Rihanna vs Winehouse

rihanna vs amy winehouse

This week we will present two most popular pop-icons, translate them into World of Wracraft, and let you decide which one of them matches best; your personality, style and message you are trying to send while online. It is Rihanna vs Amy Winehouse! Are you sexy goodie-goodie or rebel girl with attitude? It all doesn’t matter to us, because we can set you up to be either one of them. Well, just virtually. And kinda just look-alike. But just kinda…

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