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So you want your ad to be displayed on WoW Fashion Guru blog? No problem, it will not cost you any money!
As we are non-profit website, no money is made from this site or its content, therefore you don’t have to pay a dime to have your own ad displayed on our site.

What do you have to do in order to place your ad here for free?

  1. Are you organizing WoW related event/contest that rewards contestants/winners with free giveaways?
  2. You are willing to sponsor any event/contest on WoW Fashion Guru and reward contestants/winners with free giveaways?
  3. Organizing a promotion of product with free rewards for visitors ? (WoW related preferred)
  4. Started free WoW related service that helps players in any way, and need free advertising space for it?
  5. Have important WoW related info for players?
If your answer is yes to at least one question mentioned above, you are qualified for free of charge ad space on!


  • We accept text only ads (256 characters max)
  • 24/7 ad display is not guaranteed
  • No fake sites. Scam, malware infested and similar URLs are prohibited
  • We reserve right to decline/remove any ad without explanation

How to apply

  • Send e-mail to
  • Email must contain following information:
    • Ad text
    • Link (URL) to website destination if ad is clicked
    • Ad duration (max 30 days)
    • Max number of clicks (when number of clicks is reached, ad will not be displayed – optional)
    • Brief ad / event description
    • Contact e-mail
After we receive your request, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with our response
That’s it ;)

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