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As you can see, site is back up. Comments are disabled for older posts,  and will be allowed only for new articles (yes :) there are going to be new articles).  We were under some heavy spam attack, in fact so fierce that our hosting provider had to shut down our site.  I’m seriously thinking about moving to another platform – like Joomla or Drupal.

Now lets put that aside for a moment. I hope I’ll manage to generate new content any time soon, cause Cataclysm has brought us new and fun things, that would be a shame for you guys to miss. Lets hope that there will be no more setbacks with the site, and that we will roll into new 2011 with all the bad things behind us, and only the good things ahead of us all!

If there is anything you want to say, feel free to Twitt me ;)!/WoWFashionGuru

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