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Due to huge amount of data collected during creation of this post, it will be split into several parts! Here is part one.

small pets

Long long time ago Haris Pilton made pets part of fashion accessory. While I’ve been strongly opposed to that kind of behavior IRL, in-game it’s much different story. Small Pets (alt site: here) are the fun part of the game, and one of the reasons why people are buying CE (Collectors Edition) of the game in the first place (thnx to changes in patch 3.0.2, owners of vintage WoW CE can now own all 3 small pets on all characters; Panda Collar , Zergling Leash and Diablo Stone. In BC CE you get Netherwhelp’s Collar by ingame mail system upon character creation. And if you have WoW EU BC CE, extra Lurky’s Egg; due to Blizz’s screw-up with CE items redemption. Wrath CE comes with Frosty’s Collar). There is also number of small pets that you can obtain during special ingame events, and through WoW TCG (Trading Card Game).

In this article I will mention some of the most fashionable small pets, and how you should be dressed while taking them out for a walk..


mage T2 w/treasure

You need Parrot Cage (Hyacinth Macaw) rarest pet drop ingame, same model as Treasure <The Maiden’s Fancy>, that can be found on boat from Booty Bay to Ratchet. Parrot drops from Bloodsail Raider (Stranglethorn Vale) (13 out of 84212 (0,0001% !!!) , according to Wowhead). Until you get it, try Miniwing (reward from Skywing quest in Terokkar).

It goes perfectly with Mage Tier 2 Raiding Set: Netherwind Regalia. Cause with hard to get small pet comes hard to get item set. And it rhymes.

Actually I was kidding a bit, parrots are for pirates, not for Tier 2 mages (I wasn’t kidding about “Parrot Cage (Hyacinth Macaw) going perfectly with Netherwind Regalia” part). So lets get serious and start :)

Here is the list of pets you need for special role:


Small pet of the choice: parrot

pirate w/ parrot



Ok, lets move on..


How, what? Ogre?

You can become Ogre; by doing quest in Dire Maul, and learning to make Gordok Ogre Suit (Tailoring, Leatherworking 275), or by having Carved Ogre Idol from WoW TCG. In any case, if you really must look like ogre, make sure you have right pet.

ogre w/ wolfs

Small pet of the choice: dog / wolf (I’m guessing; as they eat lot of meat, dogs / wolfs would hang there for leftovers)



And that is all for today.  More coming soon!


In total we have 12(+) roles and over 50 matching pets described, so stay tuned for next post (part 2). As usual all feedback can be directed to our e-mail, or by leaving comments.

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