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We have reached yeat another point in the game where you can do World event; Lunar Festival, and accomplish To Honor One’s Elders acheivement (part of What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been).


It is also oportunity to pick up some nice outfits as well..


Festival Coin of Ancestry Redemption

In previous years, Coin of Ancestry were turned in via quests for festive rewards. In 2009, however, Valadar Starsong and Fariel Starsong in Moonglade now serve as vendors selling items using the Coin of Ancestry as currency. All of the items they sell are now Bind of Pickup. While you can obtain a maximum of 75 Coin of Ancestry per year, they have no duration so if you have some left over from a previous year’s Festival you can use them to obtain more rewards.

Available from Valadar Starsong


Available from Fariel Starsong:

I hope you will have fun doing quests and collecting coins, as one day you may find that some of that stuff you can use to be trully WoW  fashionable ;)

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