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There are some cool new tailoring items within WotLK, and this article is intended to help you recreate famous Monty Python Lumberjack scene. You will need 1 Lumberjack, 1 Best Girlie (by your side), 6 Canadian Mounties as back vocals.

“I wanted to be a Lumberjack!  Leaping from tree to tree! As they float down the mighty rivers of British Columbia! With my best girl by my side! The Larch! The Pine! The Giant Redwood tree! The Sequoia! The Little Whopping Rule Tree! We’d sing! Sing! Sing!” (wiki)

And thanks to WotLK now you can be one! “With best girl by your side..”


Head piece

As usual, please take note that I try to select items that recreate desired event / effect as close as possible, which means that sometimes I deliberately select item which does not match original idea, but fits better overall..  So for a head piece there are two choices;

Reinforced Leather Cap

lumberjack head piece

This one is easy if you can wear leather.  Simply visit one of the vendors listed down, and buy it;

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Green Brewfest Hat

lumberjack head piece 2

And this one is not so easy. If you have been active during Brewfest world event, and purchased this cap for 50 Brewfest Prize Tokens.

Chest Piece

Easy but bit pricey.  Red Lumberjack Shirt made by tailor from Pattern: Red Lumberjack Shirt part of  Northend world drop table, but Naxx is probably the best place to go if you are tailor, and still don’t have it.

lumberjack germanPants

Lumberjack = red Scottish pattern shirt + jeans pants. As easy as it can be, just equip Azure Silk Pants provided by your local friendly tailor. Price? Too cheap to even mention.


Brocade Belt is not something you will probably find on AH, but imho just clean Stocades and it should drop.  It will fit nicely on pants / shirt combo.


Catch neighbouring tailor and ask for Simple Linen Boots.  Simple boots, simple price. Nothing to worry about.


What is Lumberjack without Lumberjack Axe? :) If you can’t equip it, just say that you left it in the lodging camp.

lumberjack full set 1



True lumberjack has his best girlie by his side. Girlie can wear Aurora Robe that was mentioned before, so I will not spend too much words on it.

best girlie



This one is tough. Not cause it is (too) hard to get, but cause there is no much ingame items that resemble Canadian Mountaineer uniform.

all mounties - option 1

Mountie hat

Most recognizable part of Mountie appearance is the famous hat. And this is the worst part to resemble with ingame items. But lets try not to be too critic ;) .

You can start with Russet Hat sold by vendors listed below:Other options are covered latter, cause I made two possible Mountie uniforms.

List of vendors and prices:

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Mountie shirt

Again, WotLK made this bit more easier. There are other (w/o) WotLK combinations available, but in this article I will stick to Red Workman’s Shirt, purchasable at your local AH, or craft-able by your friendly tailor. 3 G – 15 G.

Mountie pants

..are supposed to be black with light-colored side strap. Closest thing to that are Black Mageweave Leggings. I tried it ingame, and I must admit that it looks better ingame than on screenshots.  Crafted by tailors, and cheap. Good enough.

WARNING: Looks different on female characters! :)

Mountie belt

This one was hard. After long time of search for good looking, cheap and accessible belt, I finally settled down with Padded Belt. List of vendors is below:

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Mountie boots

Yet another simple item; Linen Boots and yet again crafted by some friendly tailor. Cheap mats, just tip him, and don’t worry about it.


SIX MOUNTIES (option 2)

all mounties - option 2

While first option was made in order to get closest appearance to real Mountie possible, this one is made based on very recognisable red coat, which is longer and more attractive than any other fond ingame. So to match that, I changed pants, and will suggest other hats.

Mountie hat 2

If your character is high level, than you will have no problem finding and wearing Loosely Threaded Hat, found all over Outlands, but in my xp, killing some random mobs in Terrokar gives good results. You can also check simmilar items, but watch out for colors.

mountie option 2Mountie shirt

Same as in option one;  Red Workman’s Shirt.

Mountie pants 2

As described in “option 1″ , this time we go for red pants; Cindercloth Pants .This will give more red-ish  look that we are after. Again(!) you need skilled tailor who has pattern, and mats that shouldn’t be too expensive.

WARNING: Looks different on female characters! :)


Mountie belt 2

You can stick to the belt from “option 1″, and you can use this one as well; Light Cloth Belt (horde only!).

Mountie boots

Same as in “option 1″ ;  Linen Boots .


Now you are all set, get to the well populated area, and perform famous “Lumberjack” song for your guildies, friends and general population!

You can also enjoy these screenshots ;)

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