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It is a known fact that Engineering is best twink profession. Bombs, stun grenades and dozen of other gizmos that they just pull out of their sleeves will bring engineer the needed advantage in the battle. This ‘Spotlight’ column is not about them, we bring you list of 10 most coolest Engineering gadgets ingame, valued by usefulness, coolness and pwnage.




BOOM Sheep


  • Explosive Sheep
  • Requires Engineering (150)
  • Use: Summons an Explosive Sheep which will charge at a nearby enemy and explode for 135 to 165 damage.  Lasts for 3 min or until it explodes. (1 Min Cooldown)



Mages think that they are so cool turning people into dull sheep? Well, wait until one of them turns against you and give you well deserved smack in face. +100 coolness points if you hit mage with it.

Did you know about old ‘bug’; that pets (hunter, warlock, priest, frost mage..) will follow rogue even if he goes to stealth? Remember that next time you target one with this beee-baby. He’ll go out of the stealth with a boom ^^.




Jumper cable, battery included


Goblin Jumper Cables XL

Did you too stuck in party with Druid healer or other party healer was dead? Than suddenly Rogue appears out of stealth (or Hunter), and you all whisper from beyond: “Hey, are you engineer?” I always wondered do they have car battery somewhere to actually power jumper cables? Never the less, everyones favorite savior: Goblin Jumper Cables XL.




steam tonk


Battered Steam Tonk Controller

Tired waiting for raid to gather up, or just killing time near Bank, Steam Tonk brings hours of fun. You can craft and give those to non-engineers and expand fair-like fun to all your friends. This is why we put Steam Tonk bit higher on the list.




zapping shield


Force Reactive Disk

Epic. Anything that occasionally zaps people simply must be cool. Someone hits your shield, and “zaap” :) Even if he pwns you after that, it is worth it. Lets be honest, who ever hits you deserves to be zapped.




uber totem


Gnomish Flame Turret

I was always impressed with Engineering capability to resemble capabilities of other classes and/or races. This is why i like Gnomish Flame Turret.  So you’re Shaman huh? Think ya all cool with those totem thingies? ‘Totemize’ this… 




mind control


Gnomish Mind Control Cap

As mentioned above, but this is way more cooler. This cap is trade mark for all Engineers WoW wide. I’ve seen people being MC-ed by some random mobs when it failed. LMAO. One thing we never tried is to attack MC-er when the cap fails (the MC-er becomes MC-ed by targeted mob :D ).






Super Sapper Charge

A closest thing to nuclear weapon. Expensive to build, has remote control and it makes big BOOM to everyone around it, even you. You simply gotta love gadget like that. (I know WMDs are not cool, but this one is exception. Rly. Just this one.)






Annihilator Holo-Gogs

Actually all “Holo-G” family is Tina Turner like (simply the best). Incredible stats, every Engineers must have, and on top of that all it makes you look like Terminator. While wearing it, you simply must say: “Hasta la vista, baby..” (I know it is worn out phrase, but still cooler than Chuck Norris jokes)




repair bot


Field Repair Bot 110G

Eh, long raid, many wipes.. Sounds familiar? He definitely got what you need. Beside repairs, he always seems to carry few mana and healing pots, all the reagents and couple of buff scripts. The only bad thing is that you (as the owner of FRB 110G) don’t get gold people spent :( I think Blizz should fix that soon. 





turbo man


Turbo-Charged Flying Machine

Introduced with 2.3 patch as Engineer-only mount, this baby is next best thing to bottled water. Great hover animation, turbo-fast and it has ‘GET TO THE CHOPPA!’ written all over it. The best part of the Turbo Machine is the fact that it has Hula Girl Doll on the dashboard just as we all did at one point during 80′s and 90′s. Actually the Hula Girl Doll is what makes this baby epic. Put your Stylin’ Jungle Hat on, crank up the volume and scream: I AM M****F***ING E.N.G.I.N.E.E.R.


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