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Dear readers!

Due to changes in personal life (changes@work, baby on the way…) I had to pause with WoW and this site as well. Thank you for all the fanmail ;)
One day I might be back, and this site will be waiting, but until than you can enjoy following WoW fashion themed sites;

There are many more, but I’ve picked those who update their blogs more regularly.

Now go and have fun, see you soon!

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postheadericon Happy Holidays Everyone!

All the best wishes in upcoming holidays, from WoW Fashion Guru!

(coming back after Christmas with bags full of surprises!)

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postheadericon Info: Back for now..

As you can see, site is back up. Comments are disabled for older posts,  and will be allowed only for new articles (yes :) there are going to be new articles).  We were under some heavy spam attack, in fact so fierce that our hosting provider had to shut down our site.  I’m seriously thinking about moving to another platform – like Joomla or Drupal.

Now lets put that aside for a moment. I hope I’ll manage to generate new content any time soon, cause Cataclysm has brought us new and fun things, that would be a shame for you guys to miss. Lets hope that there will be no more setbacks with the site, and that we will roll into new 2011 with all the bad things behind us, and only the good things ahead of us all!

If there is anything you want to say, feel free to Twitt me ;)!/WoWFashionGuru

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postheadericon /AFK:BRB

I think I owe You all an apologie.

Since end of July, everyone from editors team went to vacation, than all started to play alts and doing achievements before Cataclysm goes out, and somehow I didn’t realize I’m all on my own on WoW Fashion
That means no new articles, no mail replays, no spam deletes, no forum answers, no twitts . Meh.. Not even Vendor Crap Challenge has been done. So I’m apologizing to all readers, and promise to fix all that a.s.a.p.

/love u all

(a.k.a. WoW Fashion Guru)

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postheadericon Spotlight: Allyse (Saurfang, Oceanic PvE)

Did you ever wanted to be Miner, Librarian, Lumberjack (again), Swashbuckler (again), Beach Girl or Fisherman? If yes, Allyse from Saurfang (Oceanic PvE) has solved that problem for you. She decided to share some of the themed outfits (with potential high RP value) that any of us can use, or at least be inspired with.  Continue reading…

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postheadericon Spotlight: Kirina’s closet

As part of my usual routine, I was browsing Interwebs for WoW fashion themed blogs, and found real jewel; Kirina’s Closet (Ideas for World of Warcraft RP Outfits).  As stated in title, its really fine resource for all the RP-ers (and non RP-ers as well), but moreover; Kirina is running her blog for more over 1 year now. We’ve contacted her and she agreed to give interview and some WoW Fashion Guru  exclusive outfit ideas.

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postheadericon Vendor Crap Challenge 2010

If you read our forums, Wolfenstein has announced “Vendor Crap Challenge” .  Since we think its mega-awesome idea, we decided to support it by giving away free 60 Day World of Warcraft Game Card to the best looking vendor item set!

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postheadericon Playing Dress Up: Bank Alt

Credit / source : Link: Author: Jaedia.

Thanks to @Monkeh for bringing this great post to my attention!

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postheadericon Spotlight: Ignisa of Moonglade (EU/RP)

Ah it’s good to be back :) . Before we introduce some really nice outfits that Ignisa has put together, quick recap of what’s going on ingame;

  • Noblegarden is behind us and Children’s week is upon us (May 1.-8.)
  • More and more info about Cataclysm is emerging almost every day (check out News and compiled Guide on Wowhead)
  • I’m leveling Hunter, Rogue and a DK :)

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postheadericon 2 years of WoW Fashion Guru

Dear WoW Fashion Guru readers!

Two years are behind us, and this is great opportunity to recap achievements we’ve made so far.  It all started as silly idea, than it got form and shape, and with all the content made so far, WoW Fashion Guru has become single, most dominating World of Warcraft fashion blog on all Internets.  I’d like to use this occasion to take us all back through time, and mention some of the great stuff that we did.

Also, we’d like to thank you all for continuous support over this two years!

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